Fountful U is your online hub, offering no-to-low cost resources; trade insights, eLectures, Expert #AskMeAnythings, scholarships and community, for solo business owners in lifestyle service industries.


Coupled with the Fountful App, we're the first in our field to offer a place to learn how to be a business and the platform to be a business on.


Center of the action, Fountful U's Quad is where our community thrives. Exchange and ideate with likeminded Specialists in concentrated forums.

All the resources and none of the 'shhh'. The Fountful U library is a digital wellspring of information in legal, finance, technology and marketing.

Your questions and their expert answers. Fountful U features business leaders in it's digital lecture hall for classes, events or quick chats.

When opportunity knocks, you apply. Fountful U will have rolling applications for invite only classes, scholarship opportunities, business products, technology and more!


"Don't fear failure,

fear apathy."

I began Fountful during a time where the world was tying it's life and livlihood to physical space. Experiences are not tangible, but must be lived. We started as a digital marketplace providing a platform for Specialists to offer their services on their own terms. Very quickly we realized a greater benefit isn't just a space for commerce but a space for knowledge. Opening a company is easy, making it sustainble  is the real business. 

We envision a world of economic sovereignty and we intend to create it one experience at a time.

Life is in session.